The Microchannel Users Picture Book

Welcome to the MCA Picture Book. The MCA Picture Book is a photographic directory of many of the members of the newsgroup or their computers.

Late June 2013 Update: This resource has not seen an update in essentially ten years now, and its is considered to be deprecated at this point. Many of the people listed here are no longer actively participating in CSIPH and some may no longer even own a Personal System/2, and one of them has passed away. (Rest in Peace, Tim Knight.)

I am no longer accepting requests for inclusion on this page. If you wish to have your page removed, please contact me.

Peter Wendt
William Walsh
Phil Mallory
Tim Clarke
David Palmer "Barovelli"
Dan Kalish
Jim Shorney
Bob Eager
Tim Knight "Ferrousp"
Euclides Zoto "EZoto"
Niels C. Grønlund

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