PS/1 2133, 2155, 2168 US preloaded software

Preloaded software for the PS/1 2133, 2155, and 2168 Fall 1993 Non-Multimedia product line. (zipped files) (recovery disk set)

Software included:
– MS-DOS 6.0
– Microsoft Windows 3.1
– Microsoft Works for Windows
– PS/1 tools, tutorial
– Prodigy
– America Online
– Cirrus Logic GD542x video drivers
– Sound Blaster 16 audio drivers

The non-recovery zip also includes some PS/1 demo applications.

It was pre-loaded on the following models:
– PS/1 2133-11E, 13T, 14C, 16E, 17A, 18T, 19C, 28A
– PS/1 2155-20E, 22T, 24C, 39E, 41T, 43C, 45V, 48E, 50T, 52C, 55V
– PS/1 2168-28V, 31E, 33T, 37C, 51E, 54T, 56C

Thanks Ryan!

PS/1 2133, 2155 US preloaded software

Two fantastic and original disk sets for models 2133 and 2155. These floppy images were dumped from the original IBM disks in pristine condition.

IBM Software FRU 93F2367 for Fall ’92 IBM PS/1 systems
Software included: PC DOS 5.0, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Works for Windows, PRODIGY, Promenade, PS/1 Club
Used on the following systems:
PS/1 2133 models G11, G13, G43, G50, G53, S11, S13, S43, S53, W11, W13, W53
PS/1 2155 models G14, G44, G54, G78, P57, P71, S14, S44, S54, S78, W14, W44, W54, W78

IBM Software FRU 93F2368 for Fall ’92 IBM PS/1 systems
Software included: OS/2 2.0, Microsoft Works for Windows, PRODIGY, PS/1 Club
Used on the following systems:
PS/1 2155 models G76, G77, S75, S76, W72, W76

Thanks Răzvan! (a bit late I know…)

IBMulator 0.9 beta1

Emergency release to resolve the mouse tracking issue under Windows 10 FCU, which rendered the emulator unusable.

This release adds this (quite big) feature:

  • PS/1 model 2121 emulation

The 386 emulation has still some issues though. Please see the GitHub’s issue tracker for more info.

Download IBMulator 0.9 beta1

The configuration file (ibmulator.ini) has changed so if you are upgrading delete/rename the old one to recreate it.

PS/1 2011 ES preloaded software

A long time contributor to this site donated another piece for the collection, the spanish preloaded software of the PS/1 model 2011.
Thanks Néstor! – recovery set (floppy images) – compressed files – hard drive image (to be used with emulators)

Software included:

  • IBM DOS R4.01
  • System Tutorial
  • MS Works 2.0