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As of September 2014, Lenovo has removed all external references to ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs

As of October 2014, System x has been forked over to Lenovo

As of February 2017 Lenovo has created their own pccbbs:, to displace IBM's


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IBM IntelliStation

IntelliStation Information and Drivers (General Info)

Enabling VT-x on IntelliStation Z Pro 9228

IBM IntelliStation POWER 185 Information and Software

IBM IntelliStation POWER 285 Information and Software

IBM IntelliStation POWER 275 Information and Software

IBM IntelliStation POWER 265 Information and Software


IBM Personal System/2

PS/2 Reference and Diagnostic Diskette Images

Complete List of ADF Files

PS/2 Software

IBM PS/2 Model 25 and 30

IBM PS/2 Model 33 aka 'PS/2E'

IBM PS/2 Model 80

IBM PS/2 Model 95

Roland MPU-IMC MicroChannel Adapter

PS/2 Surface Mount Capacitors


IBM PC (PC 300, Aptiva, Netvista, ThinkCentre etc)

IBM 5150 Information and Software

IBM 300PL 6562 | 6592

IBM ThinkCentre A50p (Tower)

IBM ThinkCentre A50 / S50 (USFF) aka 'IBM mini'


IBM ThinkPad

ThinkPad 701C Information and Software

IBM ThinkPad 850 'PowerPC' Information and Software

ThinkPad T40 / T41 / T42 Information and Software

ThinkPad T43 Information and Software

ThinkPad T60 Information and Software

ThinkPad T61 Information and Software

IBM TransNote Information and Software

IBM WorkPad z50 Information and Software


IBM Networking

IBM Token Ring Overview and Information

IBM 2210 Multiprotocol Router

IBM 8228 Rack Relay Token Hub

IBM 8226 Miniature Token Hub


IBM Operating Systems


OS/2 Warp



IBM Servers

System x3300 M4 Information and Software

System x3500 M5 Prototype Information

PC Server 500 Information and Software

PC Server 720 Information and Software

IBM AS/400e - 170 Information


IBM Peripherals

IBM ScrollPoint Information and Software

IBM ScrollPoint Pro Restoration

IBM Optical Wheel Mice

IBM UltraNav SK-8835 and SK-8845

IBM Enhanced Wireless Keyboard (SK-8812)

IBM PC Camera

IBM Model M - Buckling Spring Keyboard

IBM Model F - Buckling Spring Keyboard


IBM Home Director

AIX PCI Audio Adapter - FC8244


IBM Monitors

IBM T221 / 220

IBM L200p

IBM T560


Non-IBM Related Topics

3dfx Voodoo 5500 / 4500 (reserved for a future page)

Roland MT-32 (reserved for a future page)

AdLib Gold 1000

Old Game Software / Patches / Applications

Windows 98 Files / Applications / Tweaks

AVerMedia C127 Game Broadcaster HD DRIVER